Shipping costs

Shipping costs are automatically calculated during checkout and are based on the destination country and weight of your order.

Note for UK customers: Due to import tax reasons, the minimum order amount is 170€

Shipping times

Please note that we don't have any influence about how long a package will take once it leaves our hands.
Shipping times vary a lot, based on the destination country. Due to the pandemic, longer shipping times can be expected in a lot of cases.

A rough overview (no times are guarantees):

  • Germany: 1-2 work days
  • EU: 2-5 work days
  • Rest of europe: 3-6 work days
  • USA: 1-3 weeks
  • Canada: 1-5 weeks
  • Rest of the world: 2-6 weeks.

 Feel free to contact us if you want us to check the current estimated shipping time for your country.

Discreet packaging

All our orders are shipped in plain packaging with "BFL" as the return address.

In case the destination country is outside the EU, the customs form will declare toys as "Silicone sculpture".
Please note that we are not allowed to declare toys as something other than that.

Carbon-neutral shipping

All our packages are shipped with DHL's "gogreen" service, which offsets the CO2 that is generated by the transport